Has Your Mortgage Become Too Much To Handle

Over 5 Million Americans Are At Least 30-Days Delinquent
On Their Mortgage And Nearly 6 Million Owners Are
Upside Down Or "Under Water" In Their Homes.

If you are feeling a pressure with your finances for any number of reasons and if you are or about to be included in this national statistics clearly you are not alone!

Help Is Available! We will guide you through the various options and create a strategy that will loosen the hold that your mortgage and the prospect of foreclosure have on you today and your future.

Many homeowners like you have experienced a shortfall in their household income due to hardship such as job lose, cut back in hours, wage reduction, business failure, major illness, lose of a spouse, divorce, etc. To compound the situations the real estate market has gone through a downturn resulting in reduced property values and increased number of foreclosures in your market area.

  • Have you fallen behind with your mortgage, home equity loan payments or property taxes?
  • Are you upside down in your house with little to no equity and don't feel you can get out?
  • Have you already received notice of pending foreclosure?
  • Short Sale vs. Foreclosure

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  • Tried to sell your house, but it is worth less than what is owned due to shifts in the market or needs too much work?
  • Have higher the property taxes, insurance premiums, utility bills and home maintenance/upkeep become too much?
  • Have you been hit with a major financial crisis such as loss of a job, divorce or major illness and unable to make the payments?
  • Did your adjustable rate mortgage reset and you can't afford the new monthly payments?
  • Would you like to avoid or stop a foreclosure and get a fresh start?

Regardless of your circumstances, solutions are available and
We Can Help determine your best course of action!

We would welcome an opportunity to learn about your specific needs and tell you more about our programs and how it will benefit you. To schedule a FREE Consultation to discuss your property and your situation, simply fill in the form to the right and click on the SUBMIT button or call 281-359-7003