Platinum Real Estate Investor Network

Landlords, Rehabbers, Wholesalers, Lenders, and Vendors

Whether you as Real Estate Investor purchase properties to hold as rentals, fix-up and remodel to resale, wholesale, serve as a private money lender or a contractor/vendor, you have come to the right place.

We welcome the opportunity to work with Real Estate Investors Community. Whether you are a husband/wife team or a corporate investor who interested in purchase real estate properties to "Hold & Rent"; "Rehab & Resale", "1031 Exchange", or to serve as a Private Money Lender we would like to hear from you and work with you.

One of specialties and we have many years of experience is the "Distressed Property" market segment. Serving as a Listing Broker for Bank-owned Foreclosed Properties (REO) and helping Homeowners who for a number of reasons have found themselves where the can no longer handle their mortgage and we work with the Homeowner and their Lender to sell their property quickly, often as a Short Sale.

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